Weight of the World

For as long as I can remember I have battled with my weight.

I haven’t mentioned what it was about my weight I’ve had issues with yet, but let me guess what your first thoughts were. You’ve assumed I’ve battled

losing weight,

keeping a healthy BMI,


being ‘skinny’.

I’m not trying to contradict myself by sounding presumptuous but from years of experience I know that I’m at least right about 50% of you reading this right now.

You see, for the last who knows many years I’ve battled to gain weight and maintain that weight. For as long as I remember I’ve done nothing but wish I could be a ‘normal’ size…that I wasn’t that ‘skinny girl’. I’ve long realised that people saying ‘Oh, you’re so skinny‘ etc. is definitely not a compliment. I’ve also realised that even when meant as a genuine compliment, this is something I do not want to hear.

Being skinny is not something I strive for. It’s not something I starve myself to achieve. Me and my weight isn’t some love story, if anything it’s a tragedy; always destined to not be where the other one wants them to be. If you were to ask me what I hate most about myself, my weight would be the answer without a minutes hesitation. Hard to believe for some people, but it’s the truth. While other girls are gurning about the amount of weight they’re gaining over Christmas, I’m sitting here envious wishing I was in the same position. Madness isn’t it?

In today’s society, us slim people are not supposed to have any displeasure with our bodies or how we look. The media has portrayed skinny as ideal – something everyone should strive for and something we should envy others for. The media is wrong. Not everyone who’s slim and petite like myself wants to be that way. There are many reasons for being slim (& I should add that there are many reasons for someone being naturally on the bigger side too. Not everything is black and white – remember that!). For example, it can be down to fast metabolism, genetics or underlying medical conditions.

The moral of the story is this…skinny people can be unhappy with their body, heavier people can be unhappy with their body, anybody and their granny can be unhappy with their body. Society can’t dictate how a person feels about themselves; whether it’s justified or not.

There are some things I can’t wait to happen…

  • I gain weight healthily and feel confident in myself
  • People are allowed to voice their insecurities without judgement
  • People are accepted for being themselves

Surely it’s not too much to ask?!



3 thoughts on “Weight of the World

  1. What an honest post. You’re right, we can all feel uncomfortable and no-one has the right to make you feel wrong for feeling that way. We all have an ideal and it’s different for every body. I know you might have already tried, but have you tried strength training? The extra weight of muscle might help? Not sure if that’s what you want but just an idea :). Great post and I’ll definitely be following. Bakes xx

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